Functional and Regression testing made easy
Ensures 100% test coverage
Powerful Automation tool
Verifies all the win32 GUI objects
No coding knowledge required
Code can be copied and pasted

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About Tracer

Automated functional testing tool to perform regression testing to identify the bugs and errors in contrary to the actual results. It supports window based applications developed on win32 API. It follows data driven approach.

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Coding made easy- Generate and paste
IDE designed exclusively for lua
Lua scripting language is used
TraceIt control to spy objects.
supports debugging features
supports breakpoint


Tracer is a powerful automation-testing tool for functional, GUI, regression, performance and installation testing. The TraceIt control traces the properties of all the objects. Based on the properties script would be written in code editor using Lua script. The script would be executed to automate the target application. Tracer can only be used to automate win32 based window application.

The Traceit Control gets the properties such as class, caption, Handle, Height and width of all the objects. Based on the properties, there is an option to generate the script and can be pasted in source code editor making the tester's job easy.

The IDE fully supports debugging and breakpoint features.


TRACER 2.0 is a functional and Regression testing automation tool. It consists of code Editor for writing lua code, TraceIt control for identifying objects and supports debugging functions.

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